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I've battled in a few online competitions in X and Y but the last time I registered for the June International competition it wouldn't let me participate. I signed up just like normal but when I went to the Battle Spot to get my Digital Player ID it said "No data is found on the server. Please try again later.". No error number, just that. So I thought I needed to wait until the competition started in order to get it. So I did. I got the same message the entire time the competition was running and was never able to compete. Once it was done, the Battle Spot told me that the competition I was participating in had ended. So now I'm signed up for the next competition, the Eevee Friendly, and I'm getting that same message. I'm worried its going to do the same thing again. I reached out to Nintendo Support and told them this and all they said was wait till the competition starts but I had told them that it had started and I still got the same message. Any help here would be great! Thanks in advance!!

Where did you try to sign up? The battle spot?
You sign up at the Pokemon Global Link website but then you have to download your Digital Player ID via the battle spot in order to take part in the competition. I have already signed up but I can't download my Digital ID.

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So we know your Digital Player ID can only be downloaded when there is an event/competition being held. And you are saying that participating shouldn't be a problem since there was a competition being held.
My first theory is that there is a time period where you register to take upon the online competition and you may have missed this and tried to register while the competition had already started taking place.
But you said that you had a problem registering before the competition had started so this leads me to believe that the problem was with just the registry itself, which could be a variety of complex reasons or even probably one simple reason we are unaware of. Sadly the best thing you can do is wait for the next competition like Nintendo Support said. Most likely whats going to end up happening is you are going to be able to participate in the Eevee Friendly competition and we're just gonna wonder what the problem was, but in the case that it doesn't work the next tme or to be more sure, the another time after that. The only thing I could suggest is to reset your Digital Player ID basically just making a new account on the Pokemon Global Link for a new Digital Player ID
Good Luck!

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Btw if it helps you from being worried, this has happened to others. I never heard of them having the problem for long.
Your answer may be correct but I never had a problem registering. I was able to easily register for the June competition and now for the Eevee Friendly. The problem was with the second step, the downloading of the Digital ID.  And Nintendo Support didn't tell me to wait until the next competition, they said to wait until the current competition had begun which it already had and it was still giving me the same message. If you look here (http://3ds.pokemon-gl.com/support/guide/competition/) under step 2 there is a note that says that anytime after you sign up, even in the registration period, you can download your Digital ID. Well it didn't let me last competition and its not letting me now that I've signed up for this one. And I've searched the web and haven't found a single person that has gotten the message I have.
Oh i see, sorry misread the where you talk about Nintendo Support. Anyways, so you are saying that the Digital Player ID isn't being downloaded for the Eevee Friendly competition as well?
Yes, that is what I'm saying. Its very frustrating.
I'm terribly sorry I couldn't be of any help. Again if this continues i would sugest getting a new Digital Player ID