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Really, the only way to find your Secret ID is through cheating devices.

There used to be a program called Instacheck that 'died' on 12 December, 2013. It could help you find your Secret ID easily. Apparently though, through catching a bunch of Spinda you can actually find your exact SID based on the placement of the spots. I don't know how this works though, so really the only way you can find out now is through using a cheating device. Sorry.

Hope I helped. :)

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Ok. I found several answers, but I don't know if any of this works

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If you know your TSV and TID (Trainer ID)...you can use this to "guess" your Secret ID:
(TID>>4)^(TSV)<<4= min - (min+15)
Use this calculator: http://www.convertalot.com/bitwise_operators.html

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You can't find it exactly, but you can get within 15 of it.
1. take your Trainer ID / 16 and round down to the nearest integer
2. Find a bitwise calculator, like this one: http://www.miniwebtool.com/bitwise-calculator/
3. For number one put the integer you got in step 1. For number two put your TSV
4. Push the XOR button and take note of the decimal result.
5. Multiply that number by 16.
6. Your SID is somewhere between the number you got in step 5 and that number + 15

My TID: 47820, My TSV: 1244, My SID: 63238 (I wrote it down when Instacheck was around)
- 47820/16 = 2988.75. I round down to get 2988.
- 2988 XOR 1244 = 3952
- 3952*16 = 63232
- So my SID is somewhere between 63232 and 63247

  • This is kind of dumb, but here you go

Put 30 Pokemon with Pokerus into Box 13. Save your game, turn it off turn it back on. When it gives you the option to Continue, quickly press L+R 3 times and continue. The amount of money you have should now show you your secret ID.

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