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Hello people! I haven't been online on PokemonDB for a long time(sorry demat) ^_^"

Anyway, I'm looking for a way to find my SID, and then find my TSV, so that I can get loads of shinies!!! But after Googling, I didn't find anything. Any suggestions? Please comment. Or if you have an exact answer, it would help tons!

'S ok lol xD
But aren't secret IDs unknown how to find them?
Don't you mean and SOME egg's, or an egg (No" 's")

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A TSV is found by calculating your Player ID and Secret ID
Use this Calculator


This I found by calulating your Egg PID
Again this Calulator will do it for you

Secret ID

The only way to find out your Secret ID is by cheating.
Here is a question on DB about it


A little on the long run :

>- Turn off Auto Save when Battling (Options>Forced Save>Don't Save) - NOTE this does not affect the Auto Save when trading. You can't turn that off
- Get 5 unhatched Eggs and manually save your game on DS 1 (best if you have two 3DS's but not required)
- If you made above change, you will not be forced to save
- Hatch those 5 eggs and then go into a Local Battle with the 5 hatched pokes (you must enter all 5 into the battle)
- Forfeit battle and on DS 2, save the Battle Video and upload to Pokecheck- On DS 1, hard reset (hold power button down)
- Reload game on DS 1 - all your hatched pokes should be Eggs again
- Query the Battle Video on Pokecheck and you will see the PIDs for each poke as well as the IVs

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