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I saw on Reddit that currently you cannot use Datel's powersave to break your TSV with Pokemon Sun and Moon.
But I have a few questions on that :

a) If I catch a Pokemon like a Caterpie and it has no new gen 7 moves, could it be transferred back to ORAS/XY ?

b) If yes, could I catch 6 caterpies in Sun/Moon then transfer it to XY (when the pokebank patch is released) and then using the six caterpies to crack my Sun/Moon TSV by using the XY cartridge (through powersave) ?

P.S Can you trade from Sun/Moon to ORAS ? If the Pokemon being traded have no gen 7 abilities, moves ,items/aren't gen 7 Pokemon

Sun and Moon is Gen 7, and XY/ORAS in Gen 6, and traditionally you can't trade/transfer Pokemon between gens simply using Link Trade, and in previous gens it has been impossible to transfer a Pokemon backwards through the generations, even with Pokebank/whatever other application is used. So as of this moment, I'll say both are impossible unless Pokebank literally acts like a cloud between the two gens and not just a tiered transfer mechanism.

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a) No. Pokemon from Sun/Moon can't be transferred to any of the 6th generation games.

b) You can't transfer them, so you're out of luck.

But you can still check your TSV in some way (I got mine by asking for a hacked shiny 6iv Ditto on /r/PokemonCreate on Reddit and I put one of my caught Pokemon on the GTS and the guy who genned the Ditto told me my TSV)

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