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Since EV training is quite different in Little Cup, it varies based on the number the base stat ends in. The maximum amounts are in bold.

>Little Cup is a metagame that is played at Level 5. As such, the stats are calculated in a different way. To be efficient with EVs and not miss out on free stat points, Pokémon at Level 5 need a type of EV spreads different from Level 100 Pokemon. This guide will attempt to explain how to achieve the maximum potential of the 510 EV points you have at your disposal.

>At Level 100 each 4 EVs give a single stat point for every Pokémon and every stat, but because Little Cup is played at Level 5 this in not the case. Depending on the number that the base stat for that Pokémon finishes in, your investment for a single point may be as high as 76, or a low as 4. Once you have boosted that stat by a single point each successive point requires an extra 80 EVs.

>The necessary investment for extra points is as follows: Number the base stat ends in - First extra point/Second extra point/Third extra point/Fourth extra point (if applicable).

>3 - 12/92/172/252 EVs (+4 points at max)
4 - 4/84/164/244 EVs (+4 points at max)
5 - 76/156/236 EVs (+3 points at max)
6 - 68/148/228 EVs (+3 points at max)
7 - 60/140/220 EVs (+3 points at max)
8 - 52/132/212 EVs (+3 points at max)
9 - 44/124/204 EVs (+3 points at max)
0 - 36/116/196 EVs (+3 points at max)
1 - 28/108/188 EVs (+3 points at max)
2 - 20/100/180 EVs (+3 points at max)


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And basically, after your first extra point, the second extra point is +80 evs, the third is +80 from the second extra point's ev total, so on in so fourth if the fourth extra point is applicable.