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I have a probably very stupid question...In Pokémon X and Y,I participate in a lot of multi battles and Single battles..I know the move fling does damage depending on the item,but let's say the item is a toxic orb,can I fling it and poison a teammate or opponent,Same with berries,does the effect,effect the other Pokémon?


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If you Fling a Toxic Orb at a target it will always Toxic-ify it.
Make sure your target (the traget can be either a teammate or an enemy) isnt a Steel type because they are immune to Poison, other than that it should work.
EDIT- if your target has a status condition and you fling a Lum Berry (or the respective berry for that condition) it will cure your target, same goes for berries that boost stats, If a Pokemon is under 1/4 of it's HP and you fling let's say a Salac berry at them, their Speed will go up.

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Unless your target is heatran
Thank you,but what about berries?
Ill edit it in.
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Yes you can poison your teammate with fling. It's just like attacking the opponent, except your attacking your teammate. If your target is a steel type, then of course the target won't be poisoned
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