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Can there be two Xerneas' in one battle?

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I'm going to get Pokemon X in a few days so I would like to know.

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2 Answers

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Yes, you can have two Xerneas in one battle. You can have a team of six of them if you like, and your opponent could do the same (unless you are playing a competitive battle where species clause would stop you from doing this).

However, unfortunately there is only one Xerneas available in Pokemon X excluding trading as a method of getting it (Xerneas' location may spoil the game so I won't say it). So to get a second Xerneas, you'll have to trade with someone for it, sorry.

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It really depends on what kind of battle you are setting yourself up for. Some battles have rules applied where you can't have more than one of the same Pokemon in your party. while others just don't have any restrictions.

Though I'm kinda thinking you mean Xerneas vs Xerneas. Though the story line part of Pokemon say that there are only one of the Pokemon when it comes to legendary ones certainly there can be two Xerneas or Yveltal battleing eachother. Also the plural form of Xerneas is just Xerneas. Lolz if I was a mod I would fix that :P
Anyways hope I helped!!

On a personal level I wish Pokemon that have different forms like Gastrodon did have to apply to that restriction X3 I love both the East and West Form <3

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