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I know the average Pokémon center,you go in,heal your Pokémon,(buy items in recent seasons)and you can stay the night in the anime!But there is one specific episode I'm thinking of...I can't remember the name,but It was the episode with the abandoned Charmander who later joins Ash.In the episode,The Pokémon center is beautiful,with wooden floors,a beautiful lounge center and a fireplace...Why only this center has these wonderful features?


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The episode you are referring to is EP011, titled "Charmander – The Stray Pokémon".

Pokémon Centers may look different but pretty much all of them have the same design.

>Inside a typical Pokémon Center, one can find a front desk, a lobby (sometimes with vending machines), a Poké Ball room, an Emergency Room with plenty of beds for injured Pokémon, a recovery room, a waiting room, rooms for lodging, and a cafeteria. A lobby may also have a large widescreen TV or several smaller TVs so Trainers can watch typically Pokémon-oriented shows, such as Sinnoh Now, Pokémon Contest broadcasts, and major competitions like the Pokémon Leagues of each region and the Grand Festival. A typical sleeping room has a desk and chair and two sets of bunk beds to maximize space, and girls do not have to sleep in separate rooms from boys. At least one Pokémon Center was shown in Uncrushing Defeat! to have a small library with a PC (presumably connected to some network akin to the Internet), as an information room. It is unknown how these activities performed by a Pokémon Center are financed. On the outside, they come in all shapes and sizes, but usually have a rather large P somewhere.

Source: Pokémon Center - Bulbapedia

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Well there are also other Pokemon centers that are beautiful in a way. Because look at it this way ,if you look at malls, hospitals or any other buildings in real life, they are all different. They look more awsome after every season. Look in Unova and Kalos series where they have Pokemon centers with better counters, decor and furniture.

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