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I really want a Magnemite and supposedly they are in Fuego Ironwoks, but I have yet to find one. I put honey on the tree, but I only found a Combee. Any advice?
Please Help.

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When I saw this question I was like this can be easily looked up, then it turned out it was in swarm. I don't know how to explain a swarm though.
Could you try?
Well... a swarm is rarely appears during a certain route to look for a pokemon. That is the best I can explain though.

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Magnemite is found in Route 222, specifically the Fuego Ironworks by swarm. If you go to your rival's house in Sandgem and talk to their sister, she will tell you that there is an increase of Pokémon in a certain route or area. the swarm changes daily. You'd just have to wait until she mentions Magnemite is swarming and go catch one. If you want to see some other swarm Pokemon you can catch, then refer to this.

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Oh my lord thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in D/P its in fuego ironworks by swarm, but in platinum you can find it on route 222. you can also find magneton on route 222 too