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Wow I am too late and I got BA
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You can only trade to other games as long as it is in the same generation. Why? Well the the Pokemon may be or have:

  1. a new Pokemon
  2. a new move
  3. a new item
  4. Incompatible stats and mechanics

But You can Migrate Pokemon into a newer gen, you can't bring it back though.

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From gen 5 to 6? no.

The only way to transfer Pokemon from gen 5 to 6 is via Pokebank.
If you are talking about gen 4 to 5, also no because the GTS doesnt work anymore.

Source-experience and logic.

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I believe so,as long as You putit in before the Internet option was terminated on previous gens.!

Sorry if I'm wrong... XD!
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No. The internet services for the previous games have been discontinued. Plus, the GTS systems are different so you so you wouldn't be able to anyway.