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Ok, so I was breeding my Nidoran(M), it was holding Destiny Knot since it had 4 perfect IVs , with a Nidoran(F) that was holding the Everstone since it had the right nature. Now when my egg hatches the new born gets the right nature but only 2 perfect IVs. Help me whats wrong.

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U r not guaranteed to get all the Ivs, it's just random 5 random Ivs from both parents
Thats not what everyone says, people tell me you will get 5ivs if the parents holds destiny knot
That happens only when BOTH parents are 6IVs

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The Destiny Knot guarantees you 5 IVs from BOTH parents, regardless of which one is holding the Destiny Knot. That means if both parents have good IVs, then the offspring will also have good IVs. But if only one parent has good IVs, then it is pretty much a coin toss as to which IVs the offspring has will be good. Even if both parents are perfect in their IVs, there will always be 1 IV that is randomly determined as well, because there are 6 IVs in total.

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Okay so like maybe 3 from nidoran(M) and 2 from nidoran(F)
its possible. It is also possible to get all 5 from your Nidoran (M), just very unlikely.
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Well the Destiny Knot passes down five IV's from both parents to the child in Pokémon X and Y, but the IV's passed down are random so you're not guaranteed to get the IV's you want in the particular Stats you want.

So my advice would be to just keep trying and eventually you should get the Pokémon you want with the right Nature and IV's in the Stats you want.

>From Pokémon X and Y onward, if at least one parent holds a Destiny Knot, the baby will inherit five IVs instead of three.


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