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I have played in Pokémon Amie a lot with my Doublade, and all of the sudden it starts jumping or shaking when I jump in to battle with a message saying something like "Doublade feels out of it." or "Doublade is pumped!".
Is this normal and what causes it? Are there any benefits?

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Once you start to actually play with your Pokemon (Feeding it PokePuffs, and Playing Games gains affection) these quotes will begin to appear. When it says "Doublade feels out of it" it merely wants you to play with it more. I had this problem with my Delphox (It shuddered alot and it felt uneasy) and once I maxed out its affection those "negative" quotes went away.

Ok thanks ^^
You're Welcome :) Glad to help
reminds me of heartgold and soulsilver. we can talk to our pokemon in the back :)