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  1. *Abomasnow
    Lonely Nature with Skull Bash.*

  2. *Gallade
    Adamant Nature with Shadow Sneak/Confuse Ray.*

  3. *Togekiss
    Serene Grace /Modest Nature with Nastly Plot/Future Sight.*

  4. *Arcanine
    Flash Fire/Adamant Nature with Close Combat/Crunch*

  5. *Jolteon
    Modest Nature with Wish/ Yawn.*

I already have a Abomasnow, so don't worry about trading from previous games.

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Unfortunately, the only means to breeding Abomasnow with Skull Bash in Gen V is by using a Squirtle, and the only means of getting one is by transferring or breeding then transferring the offspring of the Squirtle starter from FR/LG or the Squirtle starter given to you after beating Red at Mt. Silver by Professor Oak in HG/SS. Squirtle learns Skull Bash at Level 31, so keep it a Squirtle, or else it will have to learn it at a higher level if it evolves into Wartortle/Blastoise.


You are able to get a Ralts from either having Lena in White Forest or trading with Yancy/Curtis in Nimbasa City. Your best bet for getting both Shadow Sneak and Confuse Ray simultaneously is breeding Ralts with a Duskull, which you will unfortunately have to transfer over. Another alternative would be breeding a Litwick (Celestial Tower, Remembering Move) with Confuse Ray with a Ralts, then breeding the Ralts that knows Confuse Ray with a Bannette (Strange House, Remembering Move) who knows Shadow Sneak.


You can trade for a Togepi with Yancy/Curtis at Nimbasa City, or you can capture it while you have Miki in White Forest, if you're patient. You can also transfer or breed then transfer the offspring of the Togepi given to you by Prof Elm in HG/SS or the Togepi given to you by Cynthia in Platinum. Serene Grace is an ability that can be obtained normally. It is also one of the 2 abilities you could get from breeding a normal Togepi, so make sure the ability is Serene Grace instead of Hustle while looking for the perfect Togepi. You can breed a Plusle or Minun (Route 6, Swarm, Remembering Move) that knows Nasty Plot with the Togepi, then breeding the offspring with a Woobat (Victory Road, Cave, Remember Move) that knows Future Sight.


Growlithe can be easily caught in the Virbank Complex. To get Close Combat, breed it with a Zangoose (Route 11, Dark Grass, level it up to Lvl 47) that knows it. It also learns Crunch at level 39, so have it level up and learn Crunch before evolving it into Arcanine with a Fire Stone. Flash Fire is one of the two moves Growlithe can have under normal circumstances, so pay attention and make sure your desired Growlithe has Flash Fire rather than Intimidate.


You can catch an Eevee in the Castelia City Park, which can be entered through the Castelia Sewers. You can Breed an Eevee with Yawn by breeding an Eevee with a Camerupt (White 2, Reversal Mountain, Lvl 39) or a Munna. (Dreamyard, Remembering Move) Wish requires you to breed a Togetic that knows it with either a Skitty (Castelia City Park, White 2) or a Pikachu (Transfer) then breeding either the Pikachu or Skitty that knows Wish with the Eevee.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Hope I helped!

Sources: (All of it is from Bulbapedia)
White Forest

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For the Abomasnow: Abomasnow
Get a female Snover/Abomasnow and breed it with a male squirtle/wartortle/blastoise with skull bash. You now have a snover with skull bash. Breed that snover (if its male) with a lonely natured snover holding an everstone, and now you have the lonely snover with skull bash!

For the Gallade: Gallade
You can only have one egg move prior to Gen 6, sorry. But I'll tell you how to get those 2 moves on 2 gallades:
Shadow sneak: breed a female kirlia with a male shuppet/banette/duskull/dusclops/dusknoir/spiritomb with shadow sneak. Hatch a male ralts and evolve it into Gallade.
Confuse Ray: this one is slightly easier, because you can breed it with more Pokemon. Breed a female kirlia with a male shuppet/banette/duskull/dusclops/dusknoir/spiritomb/gastly/haunter/gengar/Litwick/lampent/chandelure with confuse ray. Hatch a male ralts and evolve it to Gallade. Breed both Gallades with an adamant female kirlia holding an everstone.

For the Togekiss: Togekiss
You can only have one egg move prior to Gen 6, sorry. But I'll tell you how to get those 2 moves on 2 togekiss:
Future Sight: Breed a female Togekiss with a male natu/xatu/woobat/swoobat with future sight. Breed them together. You have your Togepi with future sight. Then evolve it to Togekiss.
Nasty Plot: breed a female Togekiss with a male plusle/minun/honchkrow with nasty plot. Hatch the Togepi with nasty plot, then evolve it. Breed the togepi(if its male) with a female modest togepi holding an everstone. there is a 50/50 chance that you will get serene grace on the baby togepi, so there you get your togepi!

For the Arcanine: Arcanine
This one is easy. It learns crunch through leveling up, so all you need to do is breed close combat onto it. To do that you need to breed a female arcanine with a male mankey/primeape/zangoose/Monferno/infernape/lucario with close combat. Level up the close combat growlithe to level 39, then evolve it. Breed the Arcanine (if its male) with a female adamant growlithe holding an everstone,and keep breeding it until you get flash fire on it.

For the Jolteon: Jolteon
You can only have one egg move prior to Gen 6, sorry. But I'll tell you how to breed these 2 moves onto 2 different jolteon:
Wish: this is the easiest way to get wish on eevee/jolteon, sketch wish onto a male smeargle and breed it with a female eevee/eeveelution. Evolve the eevee into jolteon.
Yawn: breed a female eevee/eeveelution with a male wooper/quagmire, I mean quagsire/dunsparce/slakoth/slaking/numel/camerupt/bidoof/bibarel/hippopotas/hippowdon/pansear/munna.
Evolve the baby eevee into jolteon. Now breed that jolteon (if its male) with a female modest eeveelution holding an everstone. Then evolve the eevee with the thunderstone into jolteon.

Hope I helped!

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  • Breed female Abomasnow / Snover with Male Squirtle line that knows Skull Bash and have one of them have Lonely Nature to pass with Everstone
  • Breed Female Ralts line with Male Shuppet line, Dusknoir line, Spiritomb that knows Shadow Sneak, with Male Haunter Line, Shuppet, Dusknoir Line, Spiritomb, Lampent line that knows Confuse ray breed ( do this separate so you get SHadow Sneak first and then COnfuse ray but you could also have the Pokemon who can have both moves breed so it´s easier) with one of them have Adamant nature and everstone.
  • Breed a Female Togekiss with Serene Grace ( It´s still 50 / 50 ) and breed with a male HOnchkrow, Plusle, Minun that knows Nasty Plot, Male Hoothoot line, Natu line that knows Future Sight and have one of them have Modest nature with Everstone.
  • Breed a Female Arcanine ( 50 / 50 to get Flash Fire ) with Male Mankey Line, Zangoose, Monferno Line, Lucario, Smeargle that knows Close Combat. Have Growlithe level up to 45 and learn Crunch then evolve with Fire Stone. and have a parent have Adamant Nature with Everstone.
  • Breed a female Togekiss with Male Smeargle that knows Wish ( In X/Y you can have many more ), Male Whooper Line, Dunsparce, Slakoth, SLaking, Numel Line, Bidoof line, Hippowdon line, Munna, Pansear that knows Yawn and have a parent with Modest nature with Everstone.


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