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This is probably a stupid question. But. I completed my pokedex and I want to help my boyfriend by taking all of my Pokemon and putting them in his game through my Pokemon Bank. However, he downloaded the game from the Nintendo eshop. Is there anyway that this could work?

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You can.

If he downloaded X/Y from the E-Shop, has Pokebank himself as as well, yes he can.

However, a small thing though which could be important as you haven't mentioned it - Pokebank only works with X/Y and Black 2/White 2. So this means you give your game drive of Black 2/White 2 to him, and he transfers them to his game through the bank. Otherwise the procedure is the same.

Source - I downloaded Y on my 3DS, it works with Pokebank.
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It actually is more complicated when we don't involve B/W/B2/W2 and we're just transferring between X/Y games, a cart and a download title.

If SHE has the download X/Y, and HE has the cartridge and the Pokemon are on HER Pokebank, it's simple, just put his cartridge on her 3DS and use Pokemon Bank.

Now, if HE has the download X/Y, and SHE has the cartridge and the Pokemon are on HER Pokebank, the only way to transfer is if he starts his own Pokebank. She would download the Pokemon from her bank to her cart, then she'd put her cart into his 3ds and upload the Pokemon to his bank, then he can transfer the pokemon from his bank to his downloaded X/Y game.

Is the free trial of Bank still available? Or is this $5 the guy needs shell out?
X/Y becomes simpler you know? You can just trade them directly then.
I pinned down the answer with the idea that she has the cartridge, and it is mentioned that the reciever doesn't.
Also I did mention that he needs Pokebank himself in the answer.

Btw, the free trial thing got over (I think)