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I recently downloaded Pokemon Bank, excited to transfer old Pokemon from my other games to Alpha Sapphire. When I had gone to download it in the EShop, there were no problems with the download, but once it had finished, it should have shown on the home screen, but the application was nowhere to be seen. I was wondering whether it might be a bug or if it isn't there for a reason.

The downloaded software will appear as a gift wrapped box before the first time you use it. Have you see this gift wrap icon? You might have missed it when scrolling through your icons on your home page.
Did you happen to put it into a folder or something while it was downloading? If so, it should be in the folder and not outside.
Try to download it again, it should stop you if it is downloaded and not if not
I checked through everything and it says I have it downloaded, but there is no wrapped gift app on my home page, nothing.

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It should be in a gift box or in a folder. Try downloading it again, or go on it from Pokemon transporter(or whatever its called)

My question as seen above was answered to my satisfaction and I am pleased to say that it worked for me also. By deleting and redownloading that was just the ticket to fix the issue. Thank you.