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here's my problem, I downloaded Pokemon bank from eshop so I can transfer my Pokemon from my white 2 to my alpha sapphire. After the download, I returned to the 3ds home screen but Pokemon bank is no were to be seen. I looked in the system settings and it says it's downloaded and everything. I put in a different sd card but it's still not showing up. I need help with sittution now and fast!

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have there been any yellow boxes on your 3DS when one of your SD cards was in the SD slot and secondly which option of downloading it did you choose?

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I literally just had this problem myself and talked to Nintendo to fix the problem.
Right after download it didn't appear on the home menu even though I had received the message that the download was done successfully.
They told me to go to my settings under my home menu and delete it, that's the only place it showed up, and after that I re downloaded it and presto... there it was. What we believed actually happened was that I had downloaded the update which of course won't show up as the application itself

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Try deleting then redownloading. If that doesn't work, then contact nintendo

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