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OK. I'm getting the "can't transfer Pokemon here" message in Pokemon bank. The problem is it is a Pokemon that was originally in the game I'm trying to transfer it back to (OR Groudon). Levels have not changed or anything, I just moved it out because I don't really use legendaries when I play. Can anyone help me with this problem?

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It's not hacked at all. And I dont remember moving it to any gen 7 games. Plus its lvl and moves are still the same from catch. But I'll see with a dummy pkmn to check this out. Also, if I transfer my Groudon from earlier games will I be able to use primal again if I cant get it out? Have another thanks to earlier games. Lol been playing since RBY first came out.
What are all the games this Groudon has been in?
Does this count as not answering a clarifying question?
Thanks for the flag. It's not explicit, but I think it's clear the asker had the Groudon in OR, then placed it in the Bank, and is now having trouble moving it back. Assume for now they never moved it to a different game.
Also, you could still give an explanation fitting the situation where they did transfer Groudon to a different game, as well as an explanation assuming they didn't. It's an answerable question even if that's a discriminating factor.
You can't transfer pokemon back to a game. Only forwards

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Assuming you have not transferred it to a later generation, you are experiencing a glitch on Poke bank, or you used Pksm/Pkhex/Pokegen/Pokedit.

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Does it know Precipice Blades? If it knows Precipice Blades, you can't put it in certain games unless you make it forget it.