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I had a lot of Pokémon in Moon that I put in Pokémon Bank to send to my Omega Ruby, but when I tried to send them, it would only let me take out a single Mudkip which I originally sent to Moon from OR. My bank box was filled with Pokémon both from past generations and Sun and Moon, but it wouldn't let me send any others. I put my Moon cartridge back in and it let me remove all of them without problems. I don't understand how to fix it

So basically game freak is to lazy or to stupid to make it possible to move Gen 7 (sun, moon) to gen 3 (alpha sapphire ,omega ruby....

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It is not possible because PokeBank is a one direction transfer from older generations to newer ones. X/Y/OR/AS are all Gen 6 games. Sun/Moon are Gen 7 games. You can go from 6 to 7, but not from 7 back to 6.

There are a number of reasons for this. For one, as I'm sure you have determined on your own, the new Pokemon in Gen 7 straight up do not exist in Gen 6. Additionally, as is common with any new generation, many Pokemon have their level-up movepools altered. Gyarados is a great example of this. The levels at which it learns most of it's moves have been altered, particularly in the case of Rain Dance and Dragon Dance. It also now learns Hurricane, something it was previously unable to do. There are even a few Pokemon who's Abilities have changed. Gengar, most notably, was nerfed by the loss of Levitate (now takes Super Effective ground attacks), being replaced by Cursed Body.

which stinks. After all, they could trade freely between gen 1 and 2, yet they can't do it now with bank? I believe they can, they just CHOOSE not to
Pokemon could only trade between Gen 1 and 2 if they had only gen 1 moves and were Gen 1 Pokemon. And it is entirely impossible to send new Pokemon to a old game, at least with the current system. If the older games were patched and updated to include the new data it could work, but this would be a monumental effort on behalf of Game Freak.
@hyper beam
There were reasons why Gen III+ wasn't compatible with Gen I and II, one of which is the contest stats, you know; the beauty, smart, cool, etc. Gen I and II, didn't have them, and don't say that contest stats are removed from the game once migrated to newer generations because Milotic can still evolve from Max Beauty in Gen 5.

Also shinies we have today are determined through 'Personality Values'. This didn't exist back in Gen I, so what happened in Gen II was that shinies were based on IVs.
No I just mean between gen VI and VII. I'm aware that there is a huge data difference in old games. I'm just suggesting that Bank could just tell you when a Pokémon can't transfer due to moves etc. just like if you tried to move Kyogre with Origin Pulse to X or Y