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So I finally got my shiny pichu after 2 weeks if hunting and was excited to transfer it to gen 6 (I want a Kanto raichu) but when I tried to put it in my box if omega ruby it said "you can't move that Pokemon here" I already got rid of dizzy punch and in case it's moves are a problem it has thunder shock charm attract and iron tail. If anyone can answer I'd appreciate it very much

Did you hack it ever (not saying you're a hacker, just curious).
No,I never hacked it or anything I just beat the indigo Plato got rid of dizzy punch and now it's not letting me transfer it
Is it from Crystal? Also how did it get Dizzy Punch? I couldn't find Dizzy Punch in Pichu's egg moves anywhere, unless i missed it. Where did it get Dizzy Punch from? What game is it from?
It's from the odd egg in crsytal
well, looks like EvilTwinNeedle™ beat me to it and answered your question.
I still don't understand why nintendo made that decision

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You can’t transfer Pokémon obtained in a Virtual Console game into a generation 6 game. However, you can transfer it to a gen 7 game, if you’d like. Also, you can still get a regular Riachu in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. All you have to do is use a Thunder Stone on Pikachu in Ultra Space.

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Do you think I should get rid of that last part? I just included it because a lot of people new to this site don’t know that you can select BA.
I almost forgot that you can't transfer Pokémon from Virtual Console to Gen 6 because it wasn't programed, but now in Gen 7 you can because it is programed.