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I can't move my nidoking (evolved in Pokemon y) to omega ruby through pokebank and I have no idea why, I worked before it evolved

HMs wouldn’t be the problem.
When did you transfer your Nidoran(M) or Nidorino? :P
Groudon and Kyogre can’t be to transferred to xy if they know their signature moves. Your Nidoking might have a move that was introduced in oras.
The Tom person is transferring from Y to OR, not the other way around. All moves in Y should also exist in OR.
Did you put Nidoking into Pokémon Bank? If so: Can you put it back into Y? and, When trying to transfer Nidoking to Omega Ruby, is it outlined by a blue box? :P

Can you Trade on Omega Ruby?

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Either it was hacked or its glitched, the system sees it as illegal, so its untradable. With the infi you have provided, thats the best guess, and likey the cause.

If this is only a guess, why are you answering?
Based on all provided information. I would say this is the most accurate answer.
How do you know?