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I'm not using any event Pokemon hacked or legendary but will powersave affect it? And if it do how can I stop it. And its not the xy ruless

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Can anyone help me
What is your team?

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So far, this must be a battle between XY and ORAS. when you battle, you play with Kalos Rules. These rules make any new moves unusable, any new items unusable, and any of the new megas unusable. Pokemon like Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Rayquaza are all unusable.

Annoying right?:(

Source- too much experience from friendly battles

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DUDE. Do you have any event pokes with you ? Like Jirachi etc. If so, that's why. Have your friend make it A normal battle, which Event mons are Allowed
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EDIT: I almost forgot, if your friend only got xy, you can't use. The new me gas/primals. You will have to wait until the xy 1.4 patch comes

They're not patching X/Y. ORAS Megas are never coming to X/Y.
No event Pokemon or new mega or items I use no restrictions on battle as an challenge so it won't set to lv 50. Will powersaves effect it
Wait you gas?