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I caught a Slakoth at the start of the game, and at the end of the game I breed it until I got a max iv one and it says it is special. It is also shiny as I did the Masuda Method.

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Who in the game tells you this?
He probably means that the game says his Pokémon is "special", like an event Pokémon.
Probably because its so perfect?
Maybe it is another member of your team?
If it knows an HM then sometimes it can't leave your team.
Why I try to battle on pas it is a slacking now

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If the Slakoth is perfectly legitimate, like you said, then the only possibility I can think of is that it has learnt an HM move and is in your party when you attempt to trade it or do certain other activities. Pokémon in your party that know HM moves cannot usually be traded, put on the GTS, etc.

bulbapedia says that you can get stuck on the island where you can trade a finneon for a magikarp if the finneon is the only pokemon in your party that knows surf.
That's in-game. Im talking about irl trades.