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Game I'm using is Pokemon Sun.
I did not catch these Pokemon. I am not the original owner, I have received them from Trade only.

I really wanted to breed a shiny, 6 IV, HA Rowlet with a Beast Ball. I don't plan on using it in online competitive battles. It's just I want to make it extra special and make the perfect Decidueye.

I have a 6 IV JPN Ditto I obtained on GTS that I used for breeding and I have breed many 6 IV Pokemon so I will be using that with my 5 IV female Long Reach, Beast Ball Rowlet I bred using a JPN Beast Ball Rowlet and another JPN HA Rowlet. I will also be using the Magikarp Egg Switch Method with both the Shiny Charm and the Oval Charm.

I obtained a level 1 JPN Beast Ball Rowlet I found on the GTS. I released it after I was finished breeding it with another JPN HA Rowlet I got from WT since Poke Bank has FINALLY released them. I also have a Beast Ball Litten and Popplio. My Beast Ball Litten is ENG female obtained by WT and Poppilo is ENG male obtained on GTS, both are level 1. I have not started breeding them since I don't have their HAs yet.

I'm just wondering if my Beast Ball Rowlet is considered legal or hacked? I'm worried that other players will call me a hacker just because of the Beast Ball. I have NOT used any out of game software like Action Replay or a program that gives you Pokemon. Every Pokemon I have bred with has been obtained using either the GTS or WT. The IVs I get are the result of a 6 IV Destiny Knot Ditto and a 5 IV parent.

I have looked EVERYWHERE for a clear answer and everything has been either a mixed bag of yes and no claims with no sources backing it up. I need to know if I can legitimately get Beast Ball ALOLAN starters only or if my Decidueye will be able to be used in competitive battles? The only competitive battling I do in game right now is the Battle Tree. I just don't like competitive battles in general, but the Battle Tree is both fun and frustrating.

I am also NOT going to WT or GTS any of my Beast Ball or HA Rowlets. Any breeding rejects are going to be released. I'm also wondering if all my Pokemon I have bred myself with my Ditto are considered hacked or illegal?

Please comment me what you think about my Rowlet/Decidueye in general and is it legitimate/legal? I'm looking for any sources only discussing Beast Ball Alolan starters.
(Please no Verlisify videos. I do not find them helpful)

Is using a Beast Ball Decidueye just a bad idea in general?

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I think not. Because how can you get a starter on beast ball. There may be an event of Ha alolan starters on beast ball(?).
Probably a Ditto in a Beast Ball I guess. I don't know much about pokeballs being passed down by breeding.
I feel as though this is opinionated. Because the Pokemon itself was legitimately obtained, some people may say that it's legit. Because Pokemon used to obtain the legit Pokemon were hacked, as Rowlet cannot be legitimately obtained in a Beast Ball, some may consider it illegitimate.
@Hellfire Taco, beast ball Rowlet can be legitimately obtained, while HA Rowlet cannot. The opinion says no questions like "what's your favorite Pokemon" because their "Too vague to be useful", while this question isn't too vague to be useful.
I think this is fine — I’d feel really strict taking this down for the opinionated rule. Legitimacy is objective enough; you could try playing an online game with it and see if the game’s sensor turns it back.
Thank you to everyone who posted their response, they have all been very helpful. I'm very sorry that this question does sound opinionated, It was diffidently not my intent. I decided I'm going to go threw with breeding even if I may not be able to use it in competitive. I'll try it in a new online battles and see how it goes. As long as I'm not battling Verlisify, I should be fine until the game tells me otherwise :)

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  • The Rowlet you got with the beast ball may be legitimate, but only if it were obtained by a island-scan Japanese figure-thingy. If it wasn't Japanese, it was bred. If you wan't to read about it, Here
  • The Rowlet you got with the HA is legitimate. HA Rowlet is released.

Now, here are how pokeballs are passed down (to show how beast ball Rowlet is only possible by this island-scan wild encounter):

Pokeball is passed down by female.
If the Pokemon are the same species (ex: rowlet+rowlet), 50/50 chance between parents.
Ditto will not pass down pokeball, no matter the gender, even genderless.
Master Balls and Cherish Balls are passed down as poke balls.

So, essentially Beast Ball Rowlet is okay, HA Rowlet is good, too.

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@Stakatacool Thank you so much for the answer and sources you linked. It was exactly what I was looking for. I'll continue breeding with my Rowlet once Smogon has updated some battle strategies with the new HAs released.
Yeah, i got HA decidueye from pokemon bank, and i'm trying to get a dusk ball rowlet on the gts. I think HA decidueye is considered a special pokemon in battle spot, tho
do you need to pay for pokebank to get the ha starters?

cause i dont have funds to pay for it again..i think not. i dunno
yes, unless you trade with someone. I bought membership at cristmas so i could  transfer oras/xy/bw to usm
@Sakira le lopunny I got my HA Rowlet from WT. If you don't have Pokemon Bank I would suggest searching for one on WT or GTS, unless you are able to find someone giving them away on a forum.