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After my Dartrix evolved, I decided not to learn Spirit Shackle, but now I can't use Decidueye's Z-Move. I didn't save my game yet, but if I restart it, I will lose about 2 hours of gameplay (I will start saving more often now). I also do not want to trade it (too risky, and I spent a long time training it). I have not unlocked Poni Island yet, and I only have the first two areas in Ula-Ula Island. What can I do?

EDIT: I decided just to move on, and just use Grassium-Z until I beat the Pokemon League. Thank you for your answers!

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That's weird, according to this site it should learn Spirit Shackle.
It can after evolving, but I decided not to.
Oh ok I misread I thought you said it didn't try to learn Spirit Shackle.

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Ok there are multiple choices, which take a lot of time:
1. Wait until the league is finished, go to the Pokemon center in the league and there is a lady who reteaches moves for heart scales
2. Breed for a new Rowlet and evolve it (I wouldn't do this one)
3. Just forget about it and get another move.
That's all I got sorry cause I don't know what to do, unless you want to lose 2 hours or trade it, but that's your choice

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Not much. The move reminder resides at the Pokémon League which is a long ways away. You could however, buy the Shadow Claw TM at Konikoni city. Cost 10000 pokedollars and works as a suitable replacement untill you can get Spirit Shackle.