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I have been doing some reading and have been unable to find an answer.

I'm not sure if any extra effects happen at all. My Marowak had the Firium-Z on it, and didn't take recoil damage from Z-Flare Blitz, and its Speed wasn't raised when I used Z-Flame Charge.
Never an effect in Z-moves (except for some, such as Baneful Bunker). There is no Z-flare Blitz or Z-flame Charge. When they're Z-powered, they become Inferno Overdrive, actually. And whenever you get to talk to SzupR, tell him that Z-Shadow Sneak is actually Never-ending Nightmare, not Z-Shadow Sneak.
Right right. I forgot.
Did you tell SzupR what I told you to tell him?
Aye, thanks for the reminder.
Did you tell him?

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Z-Moves do not retain the secondary effects of their original move. Z-Moves act as an entirely different move from the original one, therefore the boosted priority of Shadow Sneak will not retain itself when Z-Powered.

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Although some of the custom z-moves have secondary effects
Mews puts down psy terrain
@N the Champion -- are you talking about the generic Psychic Z Move, or Mew's specific Z Move?
It does change something. Psychic actually lowers the target's Spec. Def.