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Qwerty Zoom said they do in here, but when I use Gust in White, it only damages its target. Can somebody confirm this?


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Gust and Hurricane only hit the Pokemon you target, and can target any Pokemon on the field.

Targets any single Pokemon on the field including non-adjacent ones.

U have misunderstood the question..
no i didnt, because unless you target your ally it wont hit it.
Ok this is what he's asking, in a double battle one of his Pokemon uses sky drop on, let's say zapdos, the sky drop lifts the Pokemon into the air and both are in an invulnerable stage. Now if your ally Pokemon uses hurricane will it your Pokemon as well as the zapdos or will it only hit zapdos?
This is what he's trying to ask
and i freaking answered it, the answer is no, it wont hit your ally.
i also explained why by saying Gust and Hurricane only hit the opponent you target.
Yeah but qwerty has stated that when both the user of sky drop and target is in the air, hurricane hits both of them. And u haven't actually mentioned the sky drop part in your answer.
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Hurricane and Gust only damages the opponents Pokemon and NOT the user in the invulnerable stage of Sky Drop when used by an ally in a double battle.


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