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My friend was new to Pokemon and got his first game as Pokemon X. Shocking.
Anyway he asked me what was so good about shiny Pokemon and tbh, I had no answer.
Do they have better stats or anything or are they just glamorous?

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They are just RARE.That's all. They don't have any raised stats!

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I answered first!
/me gives Froakie a cookie.
Froakie is happy! He evolved into Frogadier
Aww thats a shame
"It's a shame"

Frogadier gets angry and evolved into Greninja. Greninja used U-turn on 'zoroark guy'!
It's super effective!
'zoroark guy' fainted!
Player beat 'other guy'!
Whats this, it was a ditto all along.
Ditto: I can be whatever you want babe:)
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They're just fun to collect and rare there stats are not higher or anything.

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Shiny Pokemon just have different colors, nothing else is different about them.


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