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I’m going to use Black 2 as an example. The Shiny Gible from Benga and Shiny Haxours in the Nature preserve.

In any other games are there shinies (or like gift Pokémon with really high chance to be shiny) or shiny egg Pokémon (or gift eggs that have a high chance of hatching shinies) static shiny Pokémon like Shiny Haxorus.

Also please don’t answer Shiny Dratini in White 2. I’m talking about all games. Also please make answers regarding Gen 1 and 2 about the virtual console version. Thanks.

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The egg you get from the nursery in Gen 2 VC has a higher chance of being shiny. In the Japanese Version, it has a 50% chance of being shiny. :P

In Gold/Silver/Crystal/Heart Gold/Soul Silver, there is one Shiny Gyarados you must catch or KO in the Lake of Rage to progress the story. :P
Only Gen 2 and remakes? Also that shiny chance of egg in Crystal American VC version is what?
You can only get a static encounter shiny Gyarados from a gen 2 Game. :P

As for the egg, I should have been way more specific; "The Day-Care Man at the Pokémon Day Care on Route 34 gave an Egg Ticket which, when taken to the Trade Corner at the Pokémon Communication Center, could be traded for an Odd Egg which hatched into a baby Pokémon that knows Dizzy Punch and has a 50% chance of being Shiny. In the localizations, the Day-Care Man instead gives away the Odd Egg himself and it only has a 14% chance of being Shiny." :P
There's the odd egg in the GSC VC and the Lake Of Rage Gyarados in GSC VC & HGSS. I think that's it unless u count the ones u already said.

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  • Pokemon inside the Odd Egg have an increased chance of being shiny in Crystal (50% in Japanese version, 14% otherwise)
  • Red Gyarados in GSC and HGSS
  • Shiny Dratini/Gible from Benga in Black/White 2
  • Shiny Haxorus in Black/White 2

Sources: This, this, and this, as well as the pages similar to the last linked for each of the other Generations

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