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Okay last one for now

I just,, want to know if the gift Eevee is still there


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If you visit Floaroma Town for the first time, you can receive a Mew and Jirachi if you have Let's Go and SwSh save files.

A hiker in Hearthome City will give you a Happiny egg if you talk to him.

In Canalave City, you can take a ship to Iron Island. If you finish the island's escort mission, you will receive a Riolu egg.

After you received the National Dex, Bebe will gift you an Eevee

There is a total of four in-game trade opportunities with NPCs across Sinnoh (Abra, Chatot, Magikarp and Haunter)

It's also possible to receive various gift Pokemon via Nintendo's Mystery Gift. The first one being a Manaphy egg.

And finally, the most obvious gift Pokemon in the game is the starter that you can choose at the beginning

Source is this video that has all of the Pokemon gifts listed. That's all of the Pokemon gifts; note that it doesn't include the fossils which can be revived at the Oreburgh Mining Museum.

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