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So I decided to do a run in FRLG without catching any Pokemon with catching defined as throwing a Pokeball to obtain a Pokemon. The only Pokemon available to me are gift Pokemon and out game trades are not allowed unless I need to evolve Pokemon if any.
I only know 4 gift Pokemon and I can't remember whether there are any more than these.
The ones I know are -

  • Venasaur (starter)
  • Gyarados (500$ Magikarp)
  • Lapras (Silp. Co in the room where you fight your rival the second last time before the league.)
  • Flareon/Jolteon (Eevee on the rooftop of Celadon City)

Are there any other gift Pokemon other than these?

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I'll do Emerald without trowing a pokéball at anything, it will be miserable :(

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Aside from these that you mentioned: there are still three gift pokémon before the league:
Omanyte Omanyte or Kabuto Kabuto (Dome or Helix fossil, Mt. Moon)
AerodactylAerodactyl (Old Ember, Pewter Museum)
Hitmonlee Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan Hitmonchan (Fighing dojo)

There are also Pokémon buyable in the Celadon Game Corner:
Abra Clefairy Dratini Porygon
Abra, Clefairy, Dratini and Porygon in both games
Scyther Pinsir
And also Scyther (Fire Red only) and Pinsir (Leaf Green only)

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Hope I helped!!

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