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Flinch 10% or Poison 20%?


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Poison isnt a good status condition, so you might as well go for Stench and Toxic, as it is alot better than Poison.

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Poison touch would probably be better.

It makes your contact moves have a 30% of poisoning the opponent which cripples them a bit.

While not being as good as being badly poisoned, as Terlor said, I would still prefer that over Stench because I feel that wasting a moveslot on Muk for Toxic isn't worth it.

Might as well put Toxic on something else.

Just my opinion

Hope I helped.

thanks I chosed Stench and i go use toxic on the moveset.
also poison touch is 20% -> http://www.serebii.net/abilitydex/poisontouch.shtml
Bulbapedia says 30%, as does Showdown. Not sure which is correct.
ok its almost same thing.
You seriously the deserve BA, my answer is scrubby ;_;