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Is the move Role Play useful?

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In battle, not really. The time you spend using Role Play can be better spent doing something more useful, like setting up hazards or attacking. Role Play requires your opponent sporting an ability that is beneficial to you, which is relying too much on luck.

In-game though, it's one of the few ways for finding hidden abilities in hordes, like Skill Swap or Worry Seed. That's about it. Trace is superior for Friend Safari.

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Role Play replaces the user's Ability with the target's Ability. Role Play cannot copy Zen Mode, Wonder Guard, Multitype, Imposter, Illusion or Stance Change.

It can't copy Wonder Guard, so, yeah, I can't think of any other use.

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Yes it is but not in Singles.

Role Play, if used right, can shut down entire teams in Doubles and VGC 2013 ( VGC 2014 has not that great distribution of the move since it is a Gen 5 Move Tutor)

Wolfe Glick using Role Play in VGC 2013

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