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I was battling a person online and he was using a Mega Kangaskahn. He used Power-Up Punch, which, for the mega evolution, hit twice and knocked out my Tyranitar and also raised his Mega Kangaskahn's attack by two stages. Then, I sent out my Mega Garchomp which had 252 EVs in HP ,making it quite bulky right? But when his Mega Kangaskahn used Return, my Mega Garchomp instantly fainted! He didn't even have to hit me twice! Is there an explanation for this, or is this normal?

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Here's the damage Calcs: +2 252+ Atk Parental Bond Mega Kangaskhan Return vs. 252 HP / 0 Def Mega Garchomp: 472-558 (112.3 - 132.8%) -- guaranteed OHKO

This means that Garchomp's maximum HP was 420 (max IVs and EVs) and the damage that a Kangaskhan will do to it should be a minimum of 472, which is a clean knock out.

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But My Garchomp had 252 EV in HP
That's what I put in though
This is why Kangaskhan is such a monster after a Power-up Punch, bulk pretty much fades away in front of it.
252 EV in HP doesn't mean Mega-Garchomp can tank any hit.
What fondant said. Think about it; Mega Kangaskhan has base 125 Attack, it had +2 Attack, and was using a STAB move with 102 Base Power. It's guaranteed to hit hard and 252 HP EVs isn't going to change that.