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I opened Pokemon Showdown today and was trying to make a team for sun and moon OU OR (Gen 7 OU) and saw that Garchomp is shown as Banned. Is it True???


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No, Garchomp isn't banned right now. I think what you've encountered is a minor error in Showdown's teambuilder at the moment, as I was able to locate Garchomp's listing as being "banned" as well. It's also absent from the main teambuilder list and only appears if you search for it. However, this problem only seems to affect the teambuilder; Garchomp still passes as valid in both Pokebank OU and pre-bank OU, as do other Pokemon that appear "banned" such as Alolan Muk and Alolan Marowak.

I believe this occurs because the teambuilder is recognising them as being in the category "OU" instead of "New" or "Bank" (or their LC counterparts), which it reads as being invalid -- an error on the developers' part I assume. The validity checker seems fine with them, so this won't actually affect gameplay; you'll just have to search instead of scroll through the list for your Pokemon. I'm not sure why these Pokemon are listed in the "OU" category, but all the ones I've come across seem to be some of the more popular Pokemon in the game right now.

I'm quite sure this error will be fixed soon.

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Yea, sometimes I get errors like this also. There was once Metagross Mega was shown as Ban in my Computer. But when I finished the team (Including Mega Metagross) I clicked on the Validate button and it said my team was valid. Sometimes it's just errors.