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My Mega Pinsir was in and I used Quick Attack on Galvantula, but it out-sped me and hit me with Thunder. I'm lost on how I didn't win the battle.
Here's the link: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/ou-149920606

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Are you sure you didn't click another move instead

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The only possibility is that you clicked another move.

Misclicks are quite common and you don't always realize you made a mistake until after you did it.

Since there is no item that boosts priority and you used a priority move, the only possibility is that you clicked something else.

Edit: It could also be Showdown glitching, but I highly doubt it. It rarely ever happens.

In the case he actually did click Quick Attack, sometimes, when you cancel your current move and pick another one, it doesn't work.
That would mean he misclicked on Return for example and he pressed cancel as his opponent was making his move to get Quick Attack. A lot of times, it doesn't actually cancel that move and just goes with the first thing you clicked.
Yeah, that's definitely a possibility. It's because of lag, and it mostly happens on the main server.
I would say it's either that or a missclick.
wow, I was right, to bad I didn't answer until it was too late. Good job immortal, upvote to you