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Hello everyone,
I have a question about the new Fancy Pattern Vivillion event. Here's my problem: When I attempted to receive it the first time, instead I received the Pokeball pattern Vivillion instead of the Fancy pattern, so I obtained that one and tried again, I got a message saying: 'You've already received this gift, you can't get another one.' I kept trying and trying with the same result. So, can anyone help me with this before the event ends?

You seem like a nice person so I'll try to get you one! No need to worry!

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I'm sorry to say the Fancy Patten Vivillion event has been over!
Ever since the Pokeball Patten Vivilliov event started, the other one must of ended. I am so sorry you missed out. Maybe I could give you a Fancy Patten one when I find another one. Well hoped I help...a little? :)

I know, I just recently remembered. It would be great though if someone could get me one, I can trade something good in return