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Munna and the elemental monkeys all evolve by stone, which you can pick up fairly early in the game. However, if you evolve them, they won't learn any more moves!

So my question is, is there a move relearner, and how soon can you use him/her? And what is the payment?


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In Mistralton City (Flying-type Gym city), there is a house within the town with 4 NPCs. Once of these NPCs is the Move Relearner! Once again, this dude wants heart Scales.

Heart Scales can be found on wild Mincinno and Deerling, as well as from another lady in Driftveil City (aka Hodomoe; not recommended for the Japanese version; getting them this way requires careful reading).

Simply have a Heart Scale handy, and you can go to town with giving Musharna that Hypnosis you accidentally deleted!

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OK thanks! Looks like I'm not too far away (Fukiyose has gym #6, I just beat #5 and am in Electric Cave).
Man, the Electric Rock Cave is a pain. I actually whited out at that point because of that friggin' Scraggy...

Gotta love that Lucky Egg Juniper gives you, though!