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Things that mention other regions, for example Unova, or don't directly say the region's name but refer to it, etc.

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To Generation I

  1. The layout of Santalune Forest is an almost exact copy of Viridian Forest.
  2. Several moves originating from Generation I, including Psychic and Hyper Beam, use their original sound effects.
  3. Professor Sycamore gives new Trainers one of the three Kanto starter Pokémon.
  4. Cassius in Camphrier Town mentions how Bill sent him there to work with the PC.
  5. A Youngster on Route 5 will mention that he likes to wear shorts because "they are comfy and easy to wear."
  6. A sleeping Snorlax is blocking Route 7, and the Poké Flute is required to awaken and get past it.
  7. A remix of the wild Pokémon battle music from Generation I plays when battling Mewtwo and the legendary birds, using the exact same soundfoot as that of the Game Boy music. The remix also contains boulder pushing sound effect from Generation I.
  8. A non-player character at Magenta Plaza mentions that Professor Oak's grandson visited Kalos to study abroad, and would frequently end conversations with "Smell ya later!" However, she also says that he got "bonjour" down just fine, which is how he greeted the player while aboard the S.S. Anne.
  9. A Battle Girl in the Fighting Dojo on the third floor of a building at North Boulevard mentioned that her sensei came all the way from the Kanto region to open a Fighting Dojo.
  10. Lysandre Labs is a high-tech facility inhabited by a villainous team where the player needs to use spinners and warp tiles to navigate around, much like the Silph Co. and the Rocket Hideout.
  11. The Unknown Dungeon uses the same name as the Cerulean Cave used in Generation I. Also, both of these locations are the only places in their respective games where Mewtwo can be encountered. Additionally, an NPC blocks the entrance of each Unknown Dungeon until the player becomes the Champion, both NPCs tell the player the exact same thing if he or she interacts with them, and mysteriously vanish after their conditions are met.

To Generation II

  1. The Furfrou chase puzzle at the Parfum Palace is similar to the Farfetch'd chase puzzle in the Ilex Forest.
  2. Unlike with other Pokémon, while Surfing on a Lapras, the Pokémon gains an alike overworld sprite. Whenever Surf was used outside of battle in Generation II, the overworld sprite of Lapras was used.
  3. Gym Leader Valerie is said to be from Johto.
  4. A painting of Ecruteak City appears in the Lumiose Museum.

To Generation III

  1. A Swimmer in Azure Bay claims that he swam to Kalos from the Hoenn region.
  2. A painting of Mr. Briney and Peeko appears in the Lumiose Museum.
  3. A little girl will mention that her uncle is from Hoenn when spoken to.
  4. A tourist will mention the hot springs in Lavaridge Town when spoken to.
  5. An old woman on the second floor of Hotel Richissime mentions that the 40th and 45th wedding anniversaries are the ruby and sapphire anniversaries, respectively, while her husband next to her mentions that their first date was at the Oceanic Museum.
  6. When the player can't afford a ride on the Lumiose City cab, one of the Drivers will say when defeated, "Now I won't even have a copper to send back to my family in Hoenn..."
  7. A woman staying at Hotel Richissime on the fifth floor during the bed making job compares it to the Resort Gorgeous.

To Generation IV

  1. Drasna of the Kalos Elite Four claims her grandparents moved to Kalos from a city where the past lives on in a faraway region, and that they raised her on the stories of the Pokémon of time and space.
  2. Looker returns as the main character of a post-game side story.
  3. Paintings of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier and the Sinnoh Underground appear in the Lumiose Museum.
  4. An NPC in Snowbelle City will play a remixed version of the music from Jubilife City when spoken to.
  5. A Maid who wanders between hotels will eventually trade the player an Eevee from Sinnoh, referring to it as "Mr. Backlot's Pokémon". The Eevee's OT is "Elena" (Japanese: ヘレン Helen), the name of one of the Maids in the Pokémon Mansion in Pokémon Platinum.
  6. A male Scientist on the second floor of Professor Sycamore's lab in Lumiose City says that Sycamore studied under Professor Rowan in Sinnoh when he was younger.

To Generation V

  1. A Tourist eating outside of a café in Lumiose City mentions having visited the café in Striaton City.
  2. A Monsieur in the Stone Emporium talks about ores that he adores, before saying, "this is where you should laugh".
  3. Statues of Reshiram and Zekrom can be found in the courtyard of Parfum Palace.
  4. Two Tourists in the courtyard of Parfum Palace explain that the two Pokémon are legendary Pokémon of the Unova region, and that Kalos and Unova must have been in contact with each other.
  5. A Hiker found at the Ambrette Town Fossil Lab, who gives the player the four Drives if shown a Genesect, says that he got the Drives from an acquaintance of his in the Unova region.
  6. A Backpacker on Route 10 mentions that Colress told him that the big rocks on that route emit some kind of special energy.
  7. A male Ace Trainer in Coumarine City will play a remix of the song "An Unwavering Heart" from Generation V when spoken to.
  8. A Beauty in Coumarine City explains that Dr. Fennel of the Unova region created Game Sync.
  9. A female Scientist in Coumarine City mentions that Pokémon dream when they're tucked in with Game Sync.
  10. A Lass in Coumarine City explains that Triple Battles and Rotation Battles got their start in the Unova region.
  11. A male Pokémon Breeder in the Magenta Plaza Pokémon Center mentions Team Plasma "making news a while back in the Unova region".
  12. A Waitress on the first floor of the building containing the Fighting Dojo asks about the whereabouts of The Riches, before mentioning that she's looking for Master Miles.
  13. A woman on the first floor of the building containing the Fighting Dojo mentions that she recently moved from a very rural part of Unova.
  14. Paintings of both Castelia City and the Battle Subway appear in the Lumiose Museum.
  15. One of the items that the player may be asked to find during the lost-and-found job in Hotel Richissime is a Brycen-Man Figure.
  16. A Fairy Tale Girl on Route 14 says that she can't wait to finish reading Shauntal's new book.
  17. Sky Trainer Clara on Route 16 says that her hometown is Mistralton City.
  18. According to the television show Gym Freaks, Wulfric is a fan of the Brycen-Man Series, and Clemont is secretly saving up money to visit the amusement park in the Unova region.

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Wow this is good, better than my answer
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I was quite shocked when I realized just how many Kanto and Unova references there are. By now I'm positive Unova lies pretty close to Kalos.
I think Kanto is not that close though, maybe bacause Kanto and Johto are the same landmass, and Johto got the minutest references xD
Wow, thanks, all these references are very interesting.
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Well I don't know all of them, but Unova is mentioned on the Pokemon sport show thing on tv (can't remember the real name) and I believe there's a house in snowbelle city that plays the snowpoint city theme from sinnoh. There's also a guy in a random hotel that says he comes from another region that isn't kanto,johto,hoenn,sinnoh or unova.

That's all I can think of right now


I can't believe I forgot the snorlax on the bridge on route 7, the mewtwo in the unknown dungeon in Pokemon village, the roaming legendary birds, and how santalune forest is like viridian forest like how you find pikachu rarely in both of the forest

These are all kanto references

2nd edit

Can't believe I forgot about professor sycamore giving you the Kanto starters

Another kanto reference

Hope I helped

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Oh yeah that Snorlax, I was so annoyed when I saw it blocking the way again XD
I never got to play the kanto games (weird right) but when I saw that snorlax I knew they were trying to make people remember the first games (or something like that)
Actually I haven't played the first games either, but I did play Soul Silver. It was hell trying to find the Poké Flute, because I didn't think to jump to the internet back then.
I never played any johto games either(sad right)
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