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I'm playing a hacked version of FireRed that makes it like Yellow and I only have Pikachu level 10 and a Level 3 Caterpie. Help please.
P.S. All moves up to Gen 6 are available.

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also brocks onix has stone edge and i also caught a nidoran f because it learns double kick earlier
I've still got my original Pokémon Yellow. :D Always was a struggle.

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There are a few ways:

  1. Get your Pokemon to 10+ levels: This makes last ditch attempts of winning more likely to succeed.

  2. Keep Caterpie as far away as possible: Caterpie can't even touch Geodude or Onix, while they can seriously dent it with their own Rock-type moves. Otherwise fully evolve it into Butterfree and teach it Giga Drain if possible. That should seal the game.

  3. Catch a Nidoran (Male) and make it learn Double Kick: you get some in the locality. It gets Double Kick at level 12, and can be very handy in taking down Brock's Rock types.

  4. Pikachu should learn Iron Tail: This option is not possible but you said you are playing a hack, so I don't really know. Hence I suggested this, as Rock Types will hate this move.

Hope I helped!

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To be honest, if Caterpie evolves into Butterfree, he could probably sweep with Giga Drain if that move's available. Or use Sleep Powder if the game has abilities.
Both of brocks pokemon shouldn't have rock moves yet because of there level
Again tho, it is a hack. They could have rock moves. I didnt know of the giga drain part tho
Since it's a FireRed hack he should have iron tail, being from Gen III when the move was released. Unless the hack want's to stay true to the game, in which of course, iron tail won't be available.
might be able to  pick up a nidroan right before pewter, that will learn double kick at lvl 9 and destroy brock's pokemon
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Evolve caterpie to metapod then butterfree and lead with it. Use confusion until geodude faints, then send out pikachu on onix and use growl 6 times to lower its attack to the minimum, then switch to butterfree and defeat onix with confusion

That should work

Don't forget to buy potions

Hope I helped