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In Red/Blue she has three level 38 Pokemon with one level 43 Alakazam, while in Yellow she has three level 50 Pokemon, all members of the Abra evolution line.

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In yellow, most gym leaderr have higher leveled pkmn.
The level of the pkmn of Gym leaders increases after each gym. Example, blaine, the next gym leader, has a level 47 ninetales, a level 50 ??? And a level 53 arcanine.

Sabrina has a level 50 abra with teleport ane flash lol

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Most likely because of this, since Pokemon yellow is supposed to be like how the anime was, then you might be able to recall how Sabrina was really hard to beat for ash. Therefore to put this in the game they just raised her levels.

Or who knows maybe game freak just thought she needed a buff.

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Wasn't pkmn yellow released before the anime was released?
@Helix716 before