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So all my Pokemon are like level 34-38 and I need to challenge Sabrina. Where is a good place to grind?

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How are you in Saffron City and your Pokémon are only level 34 and 38? Since your somehow there you should grind outside of Saffron City or find some grass with level 35 and 40 Pokémon until your Pokémon reach level 45, then continue the cycle with stronger foes that you can take.
Make sure you already visited all the optional areas and battled all the trainers. If you're out of trainers, then I guess just grind wherever you can find the highest level wild Pokemon.

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Directly to the left of Saffron City, Cycling Road (Routes 16, 17, and 18) has trainers with Pokemon levels 25-34 and wild Pokemon with levels 22-29, compared to Sabrina's three level 50 Abra, Kadabra, and Alakazam. In addition, have you defeated Team Rocket in Silph, Co. yet? Defeated the Fighting Dojo?

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