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I know what's a sweep but really what is it? Lets say Excadrill took out 4 Pokemon out from the oppenent, is that a sweep or those Excadrill have to K.O all 6 Pokemon for it to be a sweep?

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A Sweep is a term to describe knocking out an opposing team's Pokemon easily with just one Pokemon. This can vary from 3 Mons to an entire team really. There is no "general term" to describe a Sweep, it's just one of those things that you know happens.

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It's basically when you defeat all six Pokemon of the opponent's Pokemon without any of yours getting defeated. So, for example, 'a 6-0 sweep'.

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So i need to defeat all 6 without any of mine get K.O. Well thats hard.
You can use those 'FEAR' strategies.
Explain more about the FEAR strategy
Look at the vid I showed in my answer to know what a Fear strategy is