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There is a video showing some Combo Moves and in a Wild Double Battle, he uses a Empoleon using Water Pledge appearing the message ''Empoleon is waiting for Emboar's move...'' and then Emboar uses Fire Pledge and appears the following message ''The two moves are joined! It's a combined move!''
Then appears some ''Hot Water Jets'' (only hits 1 Pokemon) from the ground doing damage on the wild-pokemon and showed the following message ''A rainbow appeared in the sky on your teams side!''.

The question here is -
What's the Base Power the Attack was?
What are all effects during Rainbow?
(For exemple in sandstorm, rock-type Pokemons's special defense is raised 50%).

The Video - HERE (Minute 3:50)


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Water + Fire

  • Inflicts damage at double the power (Comes out as Water Pledge)
  • Creates rainbow for 4 turns
  • Rainbow doubles the probability of secondary effects (does not stack with Serene Grace)

Water + Grass

  • Inflicts damage at double the power (Comes out as Grass Pledge)
  • Creates a swamp for 4 turns
  • Swamp halves the speed of all Pokemon on the targeted side of the field

Grass + Fire

  • Inflicts damage at double the power (Comes out as Fire Pledge)
  • Creates a sea of fire on the side of the field of the target of the combined move for four turns
  • Sea of fire damages all non-Fire-type Pokémon on that side of the field for 1/8 of their maximum HP at the end of each turn for four turns
  • Above affect is negated in rain


What happens in a triple battle when all 3 moves are used at the same time?