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Ive tried everything!!
I fished at the Mt. for like 2 hours and all I got was a magikarp!!

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it's actually quite simple, but very challenging!!

first go to the mt. where you can catch a feebas use surf, now in this pond you can only catch feebas in 4 random square, now begin at the bottom use your rod fish there for about 4-5 times if you still can't catch a feebas go to the next square and fish there, do this for every square,it's kinda creating a imaginary grid lines
this is how i got my feebas and it's now a milotic
(sorry if you don't understand it, it's kinda hard to explain)

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Ive been trying what you said and I get what your saying, but it's just such a bid lake. I've seen a lot of people on youtube getting one the first try. I still haven't been able to catch one is there an easier way?? Please, someone help me.
well i know what you mean it's a big lake and it's quite hard just keep on doing this and in time you'll get a feebas. . . .but remember the square where feebas is,changes everyday. . .
What mountain?
mt. coronet i think