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After a battle, in what order are EVs distributed in?
So, say I have a 252 HP / 252 SpD/ 3 Spe Magikarp. I fight 4 Trevenants (2 Attack EVs) and a Sudowoodo (2 Defense EVs) while holding a Power Lens (4 SpA EVs).
Which stat will gain EVs?

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It depends on which of the two Pokemon the Magikarp defeats first.
If it defeats a Trevenant first, it will gain Attack EVs. But instead if it defeats a Sudowoodo first, it gets a Defense EV instead.

The EVs you gain from the Power Lens are added in after the other EVs are taken, and since in this case you can gain only one more useful EV, Power Lens will be discluded.

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I wonder what happens if it was not a magikarp,but a gyarados with surf
EVs will be taken from the pokemon on the extreme right (as per our perspective) :P
That's if Surf does defeat them all ofc
Wow, thanks:D
if it only defeats 2-4 Pokemon in a horde, it'll probably take the EVs from the left-est one (if that makes sense)
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Well it depends on what Pokemon was beaten first, if you defeated Trevenant first, you get the Attack evs. If you defeated Sudowoodo first, You get the Defense EVs. The Power Lens activates after levelling up, which happens after you defeat a Pokemon.

So whatever Pokemon you defeat first will give you their EVs.

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power lens would try to add for every pokemon defeated, not when you level up