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I want to know what the best Pokeball for catching Zygarde. I'm not exactly at that point in the game yet, but I just want to be ready for it.

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My guide to catching legendary Pokemon
This is usually how I capture mostly all of my legendaries;

Step 1: Go for the Legendary at night.

You will need:
10 Quick Balls
10 Dusk Balls
10 Timer Balls
Approximately 40 Pokeballs
Pokémon with False Swipe

Step 2: Okay, so once you have those things, save once you are in the same room as the Legendary (in this case Zygarde).

Step 3: First, use a Quick Ball. If this fails, proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Use the second Pokeball in your arsenal. The Dusk Ball. If this fails as well, proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Using one of your Pokémon, decrease its HP to a bit less than half or to the red zone.
It may help if you inflict it with sleep, paralysis, or freeze. Burn and Poison aren't that good, as they can faint it.

Step 6: Start spamming Pokeballs. Believe it or not, I caught a few legendaries this way. Then you could show your friends how you caught your legendaries with Pokeballs.
If this didn't work after 10 Pokeballs, proceed to step 7.

Step 7: After the 10th Pokeball, use a Timer Ball. If this still fails, repeat Step 6 and 7 until you run out of Timer and Pokeballs.

Step 8 (optional): If you still don't capture it (which is unlikely) , start spamming all of the Pokeballs you have, and do anything it takes to capture it.

Step 9: If all else fails, restart the game without saving, and restock with double all of the items.

*If you accidentally kill the Pokémon, quit the game without saving, then play the game again to your old save point.

Hopefully this will help you capture the Pokémon!

Edit: The title is catching legendaries, not hatching legendaries. XD Sorry, I was doing my Honedge shiny hunt at that time.

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You hatch legendaries...? Pls hatch me one as well lol
Thanks for the help.
I would hatch a legendary, if it were possible. @[email protected]
1 good way--use capture o-power and on the first turn throw a quick ball. if failed, lower  its health down to half and use a dusk ball. if failed again use false swipe till it has extremely low hp and use dusk balls and it is done. zygarde has a high catch rate for legendary
A good strategy, but I always try to have at least 50 of each kind of obtainable pokeball in case of a rare Pokemon alert. ;-)
Thanks sooooooooo much! All the YouTube videos for this are crap
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Use a dusk ball, it has a x3.5 Multiplier in caves or at night.

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Start with a quick ball, there's a good chance that might work. If it doesn't get its HP down to 1 with false swipe and put it to sleep. Throw a Dusk ball.

Or, you could always just nuke it with a master ball.