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Aside from the Master Ball and the Beast Ball, because I want to save my Master Ball, and the Beast Balls are useless.

Why are you saving your masterball? Necrozma is the last legendary you catch in sun & moon. Unless your saving the ball for a shiny just use it.
Necrozma is not technically a UB, so the Beast Balls won't work on it.
Dude you won't believe it but I caught it with one ultra ball
I caught him with a Greatball on the sixth try... No masterballs (1HP)
I caught mine oddly with a heavy ball, same thing I caught Lunala in a heavy ball in pokemon moon a few months back, and this is in Ultra Moon just in case no one knows what I am talking about
i caught it in a pokeball fifth try no joke
i caught necrozma in a beast ball no joke. seriously how many people caught necrozma in a beast ball?

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You could use Timer Balls. Beast Balls won't work as Necrozma isn't an Ultra Beast.

HOWEVER, I highly recommend you use your Master Ball. Necrozma is one of the hardest legendaries to catch in Sun and Moon. Furthermore, it is the last legendary you CAN catch in-game. What are you saving your Master Ball for? With Timer Balls and a good stealthy team you could catch it after 20/30 tries (with low HP and a status aliment). Make sure you have potions in hand.

P.S. You can get Timer Balls at Royal Avenue's Thrifty Megamart for 1000 PokeDollars each.

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I did that, too.
Again, sometimes the shiny Pokemon know roar or self destruct, so stuff that aren't master balls tend to be more risky.
After throwing about 10 Ultra Balls and a couple of Beast Ball at it, I threw a Great Ball at it and it went in. Also, it was at low health. :3
i caught necrozma in a beast ball so it is possible
I legit caught it with an Ultra Ball on the first try, at about a quarter of its HP!
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Master Ball is the best way to go, since Necrozma is one of the hardest Pokemon to catch. However, I wasted mine on Tapu Koko. I would recommend using timer balls and ultra balls. I caught my first Necrozma in an ultra ball, then when I restarted, I caught Necrozma in an timer ball

isn´t master ball the best at catching anything?
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I used ultra balls and timer balls at first. However, I ran out of timer balls and the ultra balls were not working. So I though, what the heck and I threw a beast ball at it. I caught it with the beast ball first try. Just thought I should throw that out there. Also, I had already used my master ball on tape lele.

That's almost certainly just weird luck. Everyone's pretty sure that Necrozma doesn't get an increased catch rate with beast balls.
I actually caught it in my fisrt go with beast ball not knowing that it will work
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Well so, I looked this up because in Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon where you get Necrozma, I had my starter Pokemon Litten's final evolution, used his exclusive move, Necrozma went to half health, but there was hail so I didnt want to attack it again, so I panicked and used an ultra ball (with it being at half health) and it got captured on the first try. Lucky I guess? unless catch rate changed

yeah, his catch rate became MUCH higher in ultra sun and ultra moon. in SM, his catch rate was 3, the same as mewtwo and a few other legendaries. in USUM, his catch rate is.... 255... the same as early pokemon like caterpie and pidgey... i don't think a SINGLE legendary has been given that catch rate except necrozma...
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Just caught it first try in a Premier Ball (I catch all my legendaries in those but otherwise exclusively use Pokéballs); the Roto Catch power is helpful no matter what ball you use, so pairing it with a Timer Ball if it takes you a while to whittle it down and paralyze/sleep it, or maybe an Ultra ball if it only takes a few, should provide the highest capture rate.

The question was tagged "sun-moon". Necrozma is 85 times harder to catch in SM than it is in USUM, so good methods in USUM (like the ones you mentioned) don't work in SM.
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What I did is that I used a Lunala lvl66 with the moves, Moongeist beam, Psychic, Night Daze, and Ice beam. My Lunala had the nature Naive and what I did to catch Necrozma was to use Moongeist beam oonce, then physic once. THen, I started Using Ultra balls then once in a while using a Timer ball or just use your masterball if you want.