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I finished the Ultra Beast mission and got through the part where Looker talks about seeing something black in the sky at Melemele. I came to the Farthest Hollow in Ten Carat Hill, but I'm not finding Necrozma. Is there something I missed?


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You're not missing anything; Necrozma can take a while to appear in the grass. All you need is patience... Or some Max Repels and a lead Pokemon whose level is below 75, as that'll get him out pretty quick :)

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Hope I could help!

Dang, you beat me to it.
Looking for Necrozma in the grass is the last thing I would've thought of! Thank you!
Yeah haha I had the same problem
How many Necrozma I can get? I açready got 1 and took a while to catch it. Sorry if this question is in the wrong place. Thx.
You can only get 1 in-game.
If you are playing Pokemon Moon, your best bet is to lower Necrozma's health with Nature's Madness and then use a dusk ball during the day (our time). It seriously works! It did for me! It only took a minute or two to do...

Source WHAT JUST FREAKING HAPPENED (aka experience).
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You may just be having bad luck. (I did too.) I suggest using repels when looking for Necrozma. If you use repels, only Necrozma will appear while running in the tall grass.

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Because Necrozma isn't exactly a Pokemon, you can use a repel to make all the other Pokemon run away and Necrozma to stay. It's because it can't smell it. For further info, if you use hypnosis on Necrozma and throw a luxury ball at it, there's a high chance of catching it. Obviously, you weaken it before you use this method.