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Apart from the master ball, obviously.

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For gen 1: The Great ball This is a glitch found this on gamefaqs
Gen 2: Level ball max chance (the heavy ball is strange in that it depends when adding by 30 is bigger than multiplying by 8. It is only more useful, however, if you have a catch rate of 3 or lower)
There is also the love ball which when the gender is the opposite, you have the *8 multiplier.
Gen 3: The Timer ball at 10 turns (technically the nest ball works at level 1, but I don't believe that there are wild level one 'mons.
Gen 4: Pal Park ball (I know that's basically a master ball) and if not that, then the same as before
Gen 5: Dream ball (basically master ball in this gen) Otherwise, gen 2
Gen 6: Gen 2
Gen 7: Gen 2
Gen 8: Gen 2

NOTE: Gen 2 means the same ones as gen 2

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none of the apri balls are in gen 3 either :P
Ok you're right let me change this.
I'm pretty sure the timer ball maxes out after 30 turns, not 10 turns.
Bulbapedia said the max in gen 3 was at 10 turns. You can check the article if you want.
The table says the multiplier at 10 turns is 2, 11 turns is 2.1, and 12 turns is 2.2. Where does it say the max is 10 turns?