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What is the ratio of Honedge's gender?

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This website doesn't mention the ratio of male to female gender for Honedge. At first I thought it was asexual and genderless based on the connection between swords and sheaths and sexual organs between Latin and English, but then I saw a Honedge in-game marked with a gender.
Is this a mistake on this website's part or is there a larger story behind it?

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Honedge is a spirit possessing a sword.  So the spirit is either Male or Female.
That's the "story behind it."
Its a sword. How can it be a male or female?

Lol. Its actually 50/50 chance.
I thought they were genderless.

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It's 50/50


Source: bulbapedia and Showdown

and ofc the based god Aeternis

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Honedge, Doublade and Aegislash all have a Gender Ratio of 50% Male to 50% Female.

Sources: Honedge | Doublade | Aegislash

The site simply doesn't say it on each of their respective pages because the site hasn't been updated.

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